Say no to DRUGS! (pidato)

Good morning everybody. In this good opportunity, I would like to talk about
Drugs. But before I deliver my speech, I want to say thank to god that always gives us mercies and benefits as well as health. So I can join this contest. And I don’t forget to say thank to the committee and the judges who give me a chance to join this contest. I hope my speech is useful for all of us.

My beloved audience,
Why I choose this topic? Because we can see it from television and newspaper.
They tell us that there are many young people use narcotic and drugs.And most of them are teenagers. WE know that teenagers are the hope of the country as generation to build and develop the country.

Why are the teenagers the most consumers of using narcotic and drugs? Because
Teenagers are usually eager to know every think and want to try it whether it is good or bad, and never think its effect. They are too easy to influence to do many thinks.

Dear the judges and all of the participant of English Speech contestant,
Do You know what drugs and narcotic are? OK I want to explain them.
Narcotic is a substance that is taken from plant or others that can cause the lowliness
Of consciousness and dependency. A drug is substance for curing diseases. But a drug here means drug addictve. It causes dependency for its users. IT doesn’t cure diseases but causes diseases. So it is not good for health.

My beloved audience,
There is an illustration.
There was a boy named Candra, He was heavy drug user. He had a thin body and looked unhealthy. He never worked but he want to have money to buy drugs. So he often got drugs by using any way. He often forced someone to give money for buying drugs. He used knife to make someone be frightened and give money.

As a normal person, he married with a girl. He married with a girl. He married A drug user girl because he met when they used drugs together. Bath were heavy Drug users.
So when they have no money and drugs they often fought each other.

However, although they often, they had a child. Because we might think that they never met and slept together. It was a pity that their child was disabled. It had short and long hand, it had short and long leg. And it hard no long age. It died when It was a baby. And several days later Candra also died, he died because of his illness.

My beloved audience,
This is the illustration of the drug user. I hope all of you not to try and try in using drugs. We are aware that the effect of drugs is so fatal. We must be aware that we, young generation, have a heavy task to build and develop our beloved country, Indonesia. If we don’t think about that, so who will think it.

Ok, once we must save our generation from drugs and narcotic. So say “No drugs”.

I think my speech enough, thank for your attention and goodbye.

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